The world’s first completely automated genetic interpretation platform

Emedgene is harnessing the most advanced AI technology in order to dramatically scale genetic interpretation and discovery

The AI Knowledge Graph

Our AI knowledge graph codifies the complex and continuously updated web of variants, genes, mechanisms and phenotypes that lie at the heart of the interpretation process.

At the core of this ambitious project lies Emedgene’s ability to ingest and analyze unstructured data from current scientific publications, adding a wealth of information to available structured data.

Applied Machine Learning

A set of custom machine learning algorithms that regularly uncover clinically meaningful connection models within the AI knowledge graph.

Using these algorithms, Emedgene can successfully pinpoint the potentially causative mutations for both known and unknown genes.

Driven by Science

Science is deeply woven into every aspect of the Emedgene platform. A rigorous SOP ensures the quality and accuracy of our AI knowledge graph.

Our Genomic Research Department spearheads the development of clinically successful variant discovery algorithms.

Emedgene improves patient care in forward-looking healthcare organizations, which strive to bring the promise of advanced personalized care to practical use:

Medical Specialities

We serve our customers across a broad range of medical conditions, including: