Emedgene Selected As Vendor For The 100,000 Israeli Genome Project

The Israeli Ministry of Health has chosen emedgene decision support solution to provide advanced genetic medicine to hospitals, clinical labs and researchers across the country.

With 100,000 volunteers population, who will be sequenced and documented for phenotype and other clinical data, the project will provide abundance opportunities for research, and will serve as a case study to the use of advanced genetic medicine in clinical care.

In order to streamline clinical workflows, emedgene decision support will be integrated into other Healthcare IT solutions used in health systems and hospitals in the country.

Some of this project benefits include building a database of Israel’s diverse demographic population, which hasn’t been researched on a large scale thus far, the impact of true nationwide sharing of genetic and clinical information, as well as the clinical utility of advanced genetic diagnostics and treatment recommendations.

In the process of identifying vendors for the RFP, The Israeli Ministry of Health evaluated dozens of international vendors for various Personalized Medicine requirements.

Einat Metzer, CEO of emedgene, said: “We are honored to be the vendor of choice for this groundbreaking project on a nationwide scale. The choice of the Ministry to use our services serve as a vote of confidence to the superior technology and scientific approach emedgene offers, as well as to the usefulness of using Artificial Intelligence in clinical care”.